Monday, June 30, 2014

Bean Brownies Without Flour

I have been thinking rather long what my first recipe should be. Okay, it hasn't been that long. Truth to be told after I spent 3 hours of my life setting up of this page, I finally wanted to see the fruits of my work, i.e. my post.

The following recipe can be considered as healthy (okay, it depends on what philosophy of healthy lifestyle you follow) and it is very tasty (my roommate thought that the nuts (which aren't even in it) are the "healthy" element of this cake :)), and thus I told myself: "Why not - the bean brownies!"

Yes, it is true - the beans are the main ingredient. If this is your first contact with such nonsense as the beans in a cake, please, do not be afraid and give it a chance - it is really tasty (provided you like chocolate and cacao - and who doesn't?).

Enough rambling, let's bake.