Did you know that deodorants can be used for more than just keeping you from smelling bad? There are many ways to use your deodorant beyond your armpits. There are nearly as many ways to use a deodorant as there are brands of deodorants.

In this article, you will learn how to use cream deodorant in UK in many ways. These unexpected uses for deodorants are perfect for people who want to repurpose old products and save money on the cost of new ones. You may not think of using a deodorant in these ways right away, but after reading this article, you will discover many more uses than just putting it under your arms.

Whiten your shoes

If your shoes are getting a bit dull, you don’t have to buy a new pair. Instead, you can brighten your old shoes with a deodorant. All you need to do is take a roll-on deodorant and rub it into the leather of your shoes with a sponge. Let the deodorant sit on the shoes overnight, and then wipe off any excess the next day.

If you have a pair of suede shoes, you can also use a deodorant to whiten them. Suede shoes are often a bit darker than leather shoes, and as such, they will benefit from the whitening effects of deodorant.

Fix broken earrings

If one of your earrings breaks, don’t throw the pair out. Instead, try using deodorant to fix the earring. Simply take a deodorant that is a similar color to the earring and rub it into the remaining piece. If you can’t find a deodorant that is the same color as the earring, you can also use a deodorant to make the earring look like it has a finish. Just rub a deodorant into the earring, and it will look like it has a finish. Deodorants are perfect for fixing broken earrings because they contain ingredients that help hold broken pieces together.

Protect your laptop

If you work in an office and your laptop has been on a laptop stand or desk, it may have collected some dust over time. You can prevent this dust from slowly damaging your laptop by using deodorant to clean it off. Deodorants are designed to dissolve the oil and dirt that is on your skin. They can also be used to dissolve any dust or dirt that has been collected on your laptop stand or desk.

Hide a temporary tattoo

If you are wanting to try a new tattoo but don’t want to commit to a permanent one, you can use a deodorant to cover up your temporary tattoos. Simply use a deodorant that is the same color as your tattoo, and then cover it up with makeup and deodorant. You don’t have to worry about your deodorant smearing or rubbing off, even if you sweat.

 Shower freshener

If you are trying to cut down on your use of commercial products, you can use a deodorant to keep your shower smelling fresh. Simply put deodorant on the bottom of each leg of your shower caddy. This will help keep your shower smelling fresh, and it is a lot cheaper than buying a commercial shower freshener. If you have a scented deodorant, this will also help keep your shower smelling great.

Ease friction between your thighs

For girls with big thighs, you know how painful it is to walk when it is so hot, and you are sweating. Due to the friction that occurs between your thighs, did you know you can come up with a lasting solution without having to put on trousers t avoid friction?

All you need to do is wear a deodorant after a shower, but always ensure your skin is dry. This way, you can rock in your sunny dress and have fun walking during summer times around the beach comfortably.


As you can see, deodorant is more than just a deodorant. These products have many more uses than just keeping you fresh, and they can be used to help keep your shoes, laptop, and even your shower clean and fresh. If you are trying to repurpose old deodorants or are on a budget, these unexpected ways to use a deodorant are great for saving money and repurposing old products.