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Easy Ways to Dramatically Reduce Patient No-Show

It should come to no one as a surprise that no-shows will financially hurt and psychologically drain your medical practice. To offer a service to a client/ patient, several teams or departments must work together. Every no-show that you get throws every team member off their game. There are many ways that you can use to reduce the number of no-shows that you get in your medical facility, from the use of automated appointment reminders to pre-paid appointments to the use of fines and penalties. In this article, we will be breaking them down one by one.… Read more “Easy Ways to Dramatically Reduce Patient No-Show”

Why Should Your Business Comply With Privacy Laws?

With the role that big data is playing in industries and the private sector, it comes as no shock that privacy laws are being implemented and enforced more strictly. The introduction of privacy laws has had significant effects on the way companies conduct businesses, solicit services, and influencing data base mapping of client information. To help you put in context why your business should comply with privacy laws, our team has put together this article.… Read more “Why Should Your Business Comply With Privacy Laws?”