Whatever the practice or field you are in, you are offering a service or product. While offering exceptional service to your patients, you are also concerned about revenue generation. So who do you consider: the patient or the payer? Fortunately, there is a great alternative to make an informed decision: benchmarking that is a strategic assessment of goal setting and effectiveness.

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Benchmarking gives an instant image of how far you are from a particular standard. You will be able to understand your business’ growth and understand whether you need to evaluate your current policies, responsibilities, and expectations.

In benchmarking, the following is performed:

Goal setting

The setting goal involves coming up with an action plan to motivate yourself or a group. Realistic and clear goals meet these three criteria. Focus on what is empowering and working for you. Focus on what has changed over time. If it’s possible, search for specifically relevant data to what you have in terms of specialty and practice. Subscribe to these sources of information.

Individual patient information

It is important to be informed about your patient. If there is any sort of changes in their insurance policy, such as the insurance company or number. You will be able to adapt accordingly. A change in information can be beneficial to the authority, so it’s worth your time to double-check.

Being compliant

This means you have set out guidelines for complying with your program. People will able to communicate directly about service and product delivery, how they will save hypothetical problems, new training will be applied and policies revised. This will ensure significant efficiency in organizations, teamwork, and constant feedback within and outside the business.

Impact of technology

Understand that technology is supposed to liberate and work for you. This is a very important skill to learn in our current world. This is because almost every process is being automated.

Technology has come to play a big part in branding. Branding streamlines the process of marketing and advertising and communicates your core message, values, personality, and image in your absence. It is your “technological voice”.

Technology also has a big part to play when it comes to the process of claims. It is recommended you make use of a practice management system. The automated system can store the information on every payer and also detect errors on any submitted forms. 

With technology, one is able to properly market oneself and also track invoices and other reimbursements.  


If you have ambitions of exponential growth, then this step is a must. You will have to share with your employees the new standards and expectations of behavior. It is important to explain in detail what you are trying to achieve. Paint a picture of the future. This involvement will allow you to maintain a financially operable practice.