Nowadays, many people are becoming a target of being actively followed by people who may seem to have an original ID but are just fake accounts. Surprisingly, these people have no knowledge that their names and photos are being used to create an ID that may seem to represent an original person, but the truth is a little more malicious. Many fake IDs can be seen on the internet, and the situation is becoming alarming day by day. The main motive of all these things is primarily to use people’s private information for their gain. And while it seems highly crook and a mean thing to do, many people find this route easy to get money by blackmailing people. SimplyGram is one of the best ways to identify if you need to determine whether you have active or inactive followers. This helps regulate an account, since profiles require an excellent engagement rate to get attention in the eyes of the endorsers. Types of fake accounts Fake accounts can be real people who steal other people’s identities to portray the report… Read more “Why are fake accounts following me on Instagram?”