When it comes to making the bed, there are two kinds of people. There are those who would wake up every morning and take a significant amount of time tucking in every edge of the bed. And there are those who have the least compulsion to make the bed. It doesn’t bother them that the bed is in such an unruly shape every day.

Well, this article is for the latter group. Many people are clueless about the fact there are some mental health benefits that come with making your bed every morning. Keep reading and find out more.

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The Ritual

By the term used for the sub-heading, you might think that we want you to join a cult. That’s not the case here, or at least that’s how we think of it. What we meant to put across is that making your bed is a process. One makes sure that the dirty linens are removed, new ones are placed, and the comforter is straightened.

And what comes at the end of it all? An accomplishment. By making the bed, you have accomplished one task in the morning. Consider it like setting yourself up for success. With one goal accomplished, your mental capacity is set up for meeting your other goals throughout the day.

Other mental benefits

Evidence reveals that just the way a person’s bed is arranged reflects on another part of his or her life. This is attributed to the organized and focused mind that leaves the bedroom with a made bed. People who make the bed tend to have better focus. Their goal-setting skills are off the charts, they meet targets, and will have a cleaner house and a tidier working space at work. With a clean and organized space, one is not bound to hoard old furniture or products.

As a result, making the bed is also associated with lower stress levels. With your life on track and everything where it should be, one can easily move around the house/ space. Your mind is in a better space.

A well-made bed is also associated with improved quality of life. This particular mental health benefit is related to older people. The study showed that a made bed can increase or maintain brain function in the elderly.

One surprising mental advantage of making your bed is the impact that it has on temperament. The small tidy movements of straightening the bed in the morning give people better control over their emotions and their impulses. They don’t tend to react suddenly when given news. Such people can calmly dissect information, be it good or bad, and react in a calm and pensive manner.

Last but not least, people who make their beds find it easier to adhere to social norms and practices. This has to do with the orderliness at the beginning of the day.