Over the years Instagram has seen a significant increase in business activities and has become a popular choice of social media medium to engage with people. The platform has many useful tricks and features, which businesses can adopt to effectively promote and share their activities with the general public.

To ensure your content gets ranked better on users’ feed focus on Instagram organic growth practices. Your account will get better engagements rates helping in achieving sustained growth to your profile.

Listed below are some of the best practices to adopt to get your content noticed to the audience, whether you’re still pondering ways on how to get the first 1000 Instagram followers on Instagram or want to take the next big step and become a famous influencer.

Post Timely Content

You might be making quality posts, but still engaging a low number of audiences with your content. It is important to time posts according to when your audience is most active. For this, you must have a business profile, it’s free to make one, opt for it you haven’t already.

Make use of the analytics data provided on the Instagram insight page in the app, and focus at what time your content gets the maximum number of engagements.

Schedule your future posts at that time, as it ensures your content reaches the majority of your following when there online.

Focus on Profile Aesthetics

People reaching out to your profile should get a good first impression. A neat and organized profile with a proper bio and description ensures just that.

Upload a well-thought-out profile picture, making visitors immediately understand your activities. Make sure the username is not just a selection of random letters, but the actual name of your brand.

Make your feed appear more aesthetic by incorporating a specific color scheme to all your posts, relevant to the industry and the followers’ likes and expectations. For instance, a dark and moody theme is generally associated with the tech industry.

Don’t Buy Followers

Followers gained from organic means are more likely to interact often with your posts, sharing it with other like-minded people they know. This ensures content flows to the right people always.

Paid followers are not necessarily the right people for your content, they will increase your following but may not do anything else otherwise. This will lower your engagements rates, making your content rank lower on followers’ feeds.

Initiate Call to Actions

Engaging with your audience is the key to success on Instagram. Encourage people in your posts to like and share your content with others. Regularly read the comments and reply to them when appropriate.

Run a contest, encouraging the audience to post a picture with your product or like a post, for a chance for them to win an item.

This connection with the audience motivates more people to join in, boosting engagements and overall growth of your account.

Make Industry-Specific Content

Your posts should be relevant to the expectations of your audience. Research the industry often by following other successful accounts, taking inspiration from their activities.

Use features like Stories and Reels, keeping your content up to date and in line with everyone else in the market.

These tips will help keep your Instagram account stay in the notice of your audience, making it well known and regarded in the market.