From Sunbury, Pennsylvania, we have one of the largest food retailers in the Mid-Atlantic, Weis Markets. The retailer has a chain of conventional supermarkets offering meats, dairy products, groceries, frozen food, baked goods, and other products. And while the company is focused on expanding its services, it is not ignorant of the influence it has on the environment. Lately, there has been a cry for companies to be more conscious and to play a bigger role when it comes to environmental conservation and preservation. Weis Markets has stepped up its game significantly.

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The year of change, 2016

In 2016, the growth of the Mid-Atlantic retailing giant was exponential. In a span of 3 months, the retailer acquired/opened 44 new stores, expanding to 204 stores in 7 states. While they had launched a sustainability program way back in 2008, the acquisition meant they had to make major amendments to the sustainability program. Issues such as recycling, reduction of carbon footprint, fuel efficiency, and reduction of fuel emissions had to be reconsidered.

A better sustainability program meant a better relationship with new communities, stakeholders, lobbyists, and the government. The company expanded its efforts and rightly so, resolved to reduce its carbon footprint. The company released a report: Weis Sustainability 2016: Growing Greener and Investing in Our Future.  

Key achievements and mentions from the Weis Sustainability 2016 Report

·         The company was cognizant of the effect of refrigerant used on the ozone layer and sought to reduce. The Environment Protection Agency award severally Weis Markets; the 2016 Superior Goal Achievement and 2016 Exceptional Goal Achievement.

·         Increased use of energy-efficient vehicles; use of clean-diesel efficient vehicles.

·         Remodeling of the Fogelsville, Pennsylvania store. They received a LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

·          Increased recycling in all its stores.

A step further

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Weis Markets’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact didn’t stop there. They continued to make progress and meet targets that they had set in the 2016 reports. This was highlighted in their latest report, Sustainability Report: Weis By Nature, released in 2019.

Key achievements from the Weis Sustainability 2019 Report

·         Increased food donations to local food banks and shelters. The company entered into a partnership with Feeding America that is reducing the amount of food wasted per annum.

·         Stellar Refrigeration management. The company received recognition again from the Environmental Protection Agency by incorporating measures and recommendations of the Green Chill Program.  

·         Recycling tons of cardboard and paper as well as plastic bags.

·         Conversion of stores from fluorescent to LED lighting and reducing electricity consumption per store by hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours.