Covid-19 is an infectious disease that spreads through the air by living beings inhaling virus-carrying particles and small airborne pollutants. It causes taste and scent loss, sore throats, chest pains, and fever. Numerous scientists think that the new coronavirus strain came in bats or pangolins, but it was not easy to determine as it was quite new. No one had any idea how it could behave. The very first living thing transfer occurred in Wuhan, China. The infection has mostly been distributed since then through individual interaction.

Covid Testing

At first, when Covid-19 was seen in a patient in Wuhan, China, the Chinese government announced a strict lockdown and halted any transport within the country so that this disease might be stopped here, but it was the beginning. It continued to emerge from one city to another and similarly from one country to another with time. It was a basic necessity for the people of China to get tested. For this purpose, FlowFlex rapid test was introduced so that people can get tested quickly and, similarly, get isolated according to their needs and requirements, keeping in mind other house members.

Origin and Severity

Coronaviruses are frequent in some animals, such as livestock, sheep, and goats. Although coronavirus propagation from animals to human beings is uncommon, this virus was so severe that it got transferred to a man. Then, it spread so quickly that no one could have done anything to stop it. It affected the old aged people so speedily that the fatality rate among them was the highest compared to the young children. After seeing so much rise in corona patients daily, the government started giving the best self-testing kits in the UK. It was purposeful as it helped reduce the pressure and burden on hospitals and the government.

Specific Conditions for Spreading

A few aspects can increase the likelihood of emerging into exposure to the virus, while others may increase the likelihood of establishing serious conditions. The risk of contracting the disease is determined by how far it has scattered in a person’s immediate surroundings. According to the WHO research published, the risk of creating COVID-19 remains low for most individuals. However, this is modifying as the infection mutates, especially in Europe and the USA. Anyone close to individuals infected with COVID-19, such as healthcare workers, is at a higher risk. Viruses can also distribute more quickly in densely populated areas like cities.

Leading to Other Diseases

Coronavirus usually develops new diseases in your body and weakens your body by causing infections. It can cause pneumonia due to shortness of breath. Heart problems can also appear if the virus affects our chest severely. Similarly, kidney diseases and obesity are also at higher risk. Type 2 diabetes can also occur if the spreading infection weakens our immune system.

Although these viruses can be treated in homes and hospitals, now the vaccines have been developed, which are the best possible solution available and can strengthen our immune system. By exercising and running daily, we can also make our bodies fit.